Medicaid Managed Care Act 349 - Independent Review

This program has been developed for LHA hospital members only and will revisit the Medicaid Managed Care Independent Review (IR) process resulting from Act 349 of the 2017 Louisiana Regular Legislative Session. This legislation created a simplified and standardized process that providers can access in disputing Medicaid MCO claim denials, and this program focuses on the mechanics of the IR process, including the steps, timelines involved, and responsibilities of all parties. The program will also cover additional legislation passed during the last few years that work in tandem to help providers dispute Medicaid MCO denials. Additionally, LHA staff will address how to appropriately and effectively utilize this process and available instruments to improve providers’ odds of success.

Download the brochure for a full description and more details on this program. 

Please review the LHA cancellation and substitution policy outlined in the brochure.

Note: Advance registration and payment is required and due into the LHA office one week prior to the webinar to ensure delivery of instructional materials and associated handouts.  Webinar materials are provided 1-2 business days in advance of the webinar. Webinar materials are intended solely for the registered participant and are not intended to be shared.



12/13/2022 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Central Standard Time
Registration not available.

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